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XMAS (2004, Disques XXI, XXI-CD 2 1512).
Jingle bells; What a wonderful world; The Christmas song; Mon beau sapin / Ô tannebaum; Just another Christmas song; Depuis hier; Have yourself a merry Christmas; Walking in a winter wonderland; I’ll be home for Christmas; Sainte Nuit.

Quiet times (2003, Disques XXI, XXI-CD 2 1474).
Quiet times; Estate; You don’t know what love is; Get out of town; Mi amor; Ne me quitte pas; Je; I’ve got the world on a string; Lullaby for Micah; Communication breakdown; The two lonely people; I cried for you.

White lights (2001, Disques XXI, XXI-CD 2 1415).
White lights; Honeysuckle rose; What are you doing the rest of your life; Lazy afternoon; Our love is here to stay; What is this thing called love; Realities; How insensitive; Julien’s song; I’ll remember april.

  • Si l’amour (1980, Sefel Records, FJO 103)
  • Fou de toi (1979, Disque Focus, ???)
  • À quoi bon exister, si je ne peux t’aimer (1978, Disque Bobinason, LB 638)
  • Déjà vu (1977, Disque Focus, BB-642)
  • Je suis jeune (1976, Disque Visa, VI-5802)
  • Quel tempérament de feu (1976, Pirate, P.7917)

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